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Innovative Cosmetic Ingredients

Vivachem is proud to be partnered with some of the world’s most unique cosmetic ingredient suppliers who value their independence and rely upon their technical expertise to offer the most innovative customer-focused solutions.

SILAB was founded in 1984 to apply the extraordinary scientific advances of modern biology in the domain of dermocosmetology. World leader in the field of engineering natural active ingredients, SILAB draws its strength and innovation from its independence. SILAB devotes more than 20% of its annual sales and one third of its staff to research and development. With high-tech laboratories, skilled people and the sophisticated industrial tools at their disposal, SILAB creates and offers innovative and high value-added natural actives for the cosmetic industry.

Since 1975, FLORATECH has taken the lead in providing the most stable, quality-tested, innovative and functional ingredients with properties designed to meet the requirements of the modern formulator. FLORATECH’s ingredient line includes natural and oil free emollients, speciality particles, water soluble emollients and innovative jojoba esters. FLORATECH’s headquarters in Chandler, Arizona, house a state of the art manufacturing facility, quality and R&D laboratories, distribution warehouse and a 1,200 square foot consumer testing laboratory.

OLVEA is a speciality supplier of a wide range of vegetable oils from conventional or organic supply chains for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food industries. With over 80 years of experience in the industry, Olvea sources and selects tailor-made vegetable oils suitable to your applications. OLVEA adheres to ISO 9001 standard and HACCP methods. With presence in Morocco and Burkina Fasco, OLVEA has foundation for sustainable development by meeting the needs of the local population while respecting their natural environment.

A young and dynamic company, NATUROCHIM’s goal is to reconcile nature and chemistry with a carefully selected line of products. NATUROCHIM has designed innovative ingredients and value added raw materials obtained from the French countryside and other exotic origins. The line of products include oils from the southwest of France that have extraordinary, fruity fragrances; emollient and nourishing butters; a new line of premium organic butters; and exfoliating agents of various particle sizes. NATUROCHIM is your partner in nature.